Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book Club

Ack. We have had two Book Crafts Wine Snacks club meetings that I haven't blogged about ... my problem is I forget to take pictures because I am snacking and crafting. I will try to be better about this because they really are fun events spent with awesome people.

The new book we chose to read is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Right now it is second on Amazon's Top 100 list! I spent the entire day yesterday reading because it is such a good book!

via Goodreads 
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A psychological thriller, narrated in two character voices (Nick and Amy, the married couple). It's difficult to know which character is trustworthy, if any, especially when they talk about the same event. I do think it's interesting that I enjoy reading Nick's narrative much more than reading Amy's, even though this is a female writer portraying the inner psyche of a male.

But, looking at the jacket cover now, I am curious why the author's name is the prominent, top-most print. Thoughts?

Happy Sunday everyone! Mine will be filled with Gone Girl, knitting, and NFL.