Monday, July 9, 2012

Sewing and garden update!

I'm obsessed with making these bags!

I seriously can't stop making them.
Eep, I really did iron the fabric, really!

I followed this tutorial from Noodlehead for both, with minor modifications. The purple bag is about 7x7" and the large one (those are tree rings on the design!) is about 11x11".


I made this purple one yesterday and it turned out to be much smaller than I thought! It would make a great make up or notions bag. I used fusible interfacing and it worked pretty well. I think I will purchase a heavier fusible though.

So today I wanted to make a bag large enough to hold a knitting project, and this one does! It is super cute too; the fabric is really growing on me! 

Fits two skeins and socks

I used a sew-in interfacing, and it's much thicker than the fusible. They both work really well so it's hard for me to choose which one I prefer! The fusible interfacing was slightly easier to use because I didn't have to worry about it when sewing (lining it up...).



(lucky you, I discovered the manual focus setting on my camera!! close ups, here I come)

I really do have a lot to learn about sewing still. I am enjoying sewing up these little bags and I know they will be used plenty. Next bag, I'd like to sew a little loop hole for my finger.

knitting bags!

And now for the gardening...

Broccoli from a seed!!

The broccoli is growing! I am super pleased to say that all these plants pictured were grown from seeds by us! We had a minor occurrence with caterpillars eating holes in the leaves - but Scott pulled them off and we haven't seen them since.

California poppy grown from a seed!
California poppy... I was really pleased with this photo!

And the tomatoes... omg...

outgrowing the box...Ginormous tomato plant from a seed

They are a little hard to distinguish, they just look like a big green mess. There are three little green tomatoes growing on this plant! When we first planted the tomatoes in the box, they were teeny and right in the middle. Now they are pushing out the zinnias and marigolds! The planter on the right has three jalapeno plants which are loving the heat!

Goodnight, I'm off to read!!*

*I came across a list of books on Pinterest (no link, sorry. I'm staying away from Pinterest for awhile because I clicked a link there that gave me a nasty computer virus! I'm sure you could google the list) that were suggested reads if you enjoyed the Hunger Games. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and The Giver by Lois Lowry were two on the list, and I borrowed both from my library on the Kindle. So far about halfway through The Giver, pretty interesting but kind of a slow start. Goodnight!

ETA:  Oops! I wrote The Ligtning Thief as being written by Percy Jackson. Real author is Rick Riordan! Percy is the character.... :)