Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rainy Day Two

During the second night while we were camping, it started to rain. A few years ago, Scott and I camped in Oregon... no wait, we set up our camp IN the rain, slept IN the rain, and woke UP to rain. Our tent and sleeping bags were soaked. And for some reason ever since, I've been scared to camp out in the rain. BUT this night, we were nice and dry. However, we didn't have any protection over the camp area so we cooked in intermittent rain. Which wasn't too fun.

It was raining off and on all day, but we decided to try and sight see anyway.

Steamy stream along the road



Scott's jacket was SOAKED. Here he is trying to dry it out (hehe)


Next we visited Gibbon Falls, which was beautiful!

Gibbon Falls

(but full of humongous crows)


A nice man helped us out (though I did take a photo of him and his wife)

We tried to walk the Artist's Painted Pots, but just as we started the walk, it began to rain quite heavily and Scott didn't even have his jacket on.

And then we went back to camp, saw it was still soggy and rainy, and booked a room in West Yellowstone.