Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't worry,

I'm still here =) I've been very busy with work and running. Although, the forest fires have been so bad that I don't like running in the smokey air, so I really haven't been running very much this past week. Right at the beginning of the horrible fires, I did manage to run a race with Abbey: the River City Roots 4 mile:

It very fun and went through a beautiful part of Missoula. yay!

And guess what? I've picked up my socks again! I think I started knitting them in May but stuffed them in a bag a few months ago. I pulled them out and have finished the legs, heel flaps, heel turns, and am decreasing the gussets! The heel turns scared me because they're short rows but once I started, they were a piece of cake. The gussets were actually the most difficult part (aside from the cast on) but I found a few good videos online. I see the benefits of knitting two at a time on Magic Loop, but I can also see the benefits of knitting them on double pointed needles. I imagine if I ever wanted to knit knee socks I'd probably opt for dpns. Magic Loop is definitely messy, with yarn tails everywhere.

But oh! I am getting so excited at my progress! I will never look at a sock the same way again. Including mass-produced ones, because they're all made with the same basic pattern. And it's cool!