Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Scarves Update!!

Beware! Long post!!

I haven't been as busy crocheting or knitting as I'd like to be, but I've managed to finish a few of the scarves I was working on:

Granny Square!!
As you can see, I still have some loose ends to weave in, but it's finished for the most part. I love the look of Granny Squares, but boy I hate sewing them together! I think it's the starting then stopping, starting then stopping that I don't like. I would rather crochet nonstop.

This was kind of an experiment to, one, have more practice crocheting Granny Squares, and two, see how it would look as a scarf.

Ribbed Scarf!!
I started this last week after deciding to practice the Front Post Stitch. While I absolutely love the texture and warmth from it, it's a bit thicker and wider than I'd like. Also, my choice of yarn is a little too scratchy for my taste, at least for around the neck. But I love the colors too much! (leftover from Granny Square)

Close-up of ribbing:

Irregular Rib Knit!!Haven't worked on this one as much...knitting just isn't really my thing I guess. One thing I don't like about knitting scarves is my needles aren't long enough to hold the entire length of a scarf, so I have to knit the width instead. Ultimately it takes a lot longer in my head because I have to turn the work much more often. I ran into this problem with the Ribbed scarf as well. It feels like it's taking forever!

Pink Scarf!!
I finally finished it! And I absolutely love it! I love the yarn and the texture, and the color! But I think I will give this to Scott's mom, because I started it with her in mind. I hope she likes it =)

Another Granny Rectangle!!

Let's see....I think I crocheted this right after I finished the black and white Granny Rectangle (which I gave to my grandma for Mother's Day). This turned out a little Christmas-y, but I used up extra bits of yarn that I had.

My Yarn Bag:
It's ginormous so it holds A LOT OF BALLS =) I also like the design on it. I purchased this bag probably five years ago at a store downtown which has since gone out of business, sadly.

Biggest Ball Yet:

This is the largest ball of yarn I've ever purchased!! By itself, it's practically a pillow. And it's so soft! Unfortunately, it's very difficult to crochet or knit with. It's from Jo-Ann's Fabrics: Rainbow Boucle, "A soft and versatile tonal boucle."

I know it will make a lovely scarf or hat, or even a blanket, but it's super hard to see the stitches since it's like little loops are intertwined with a thread. But I'm not giving up on it yet. Because it's a big ball of yarn.

Actually, when I purchased the Boucle yarn I had a specific project in mind for it, a Chevron scarf. But that's really out of the picture with this yarn. So I might still make a Chevron but with different yarn. My grandma crocheted me an afghan with this stitch and it's beautiful! That's not the reason why I want to try the Chevron stitch, because I know it won't come out nearly as perfect as my grandma's, but I want to try it nonetheless.