Monday, June 14, 2010

Forgo gauge?

Apparently the gauge is very important when crocheting or knitting, but I've always ignored it. I think it would be crucial if someone was making a sweater or socks, but since I mainly only crochet scarves, I just don't see the purpose of it. So I googled the importance of gauge and I found a helpful site. Here's one gem:

If you think that making a gauge swatch is unnecessary, think again! Each one of these single crochet gauge swatches was made using the same yarn and have the exact same amount of stitches and rows. The swatch on the left was made using a hook that was only one size smaller than the swatch on the right. Just imagine how this would impact the overall size of a sweater. We hope this convinces you not to take shortcuts!


Don’t be influenced by other crocheters who say they never bother making a gauge swatch. Just keep in mind that professional crochet designers—those creative artists who design the projects that you will be making and wearing—have to make a gauge swatch before they are able to calculate all numbers of stitches and rows needed to form a garment.

Bah!!! I hate that they threw in "professional crochet designers" and "those creative artists" ... makes me want to vomit. Hey kids! I know your parents said to stay away from drugs but what do they know? Listen to the high rollers! You want to be cool right? Yay to drugs!

Ok, ok. So gauge and drugs are nothing alike, at least on the exterior. But isn't the principle the same? Until gauge proves me otherwise, it's just an imitation and unnecessary.

I haven't finished my yoga socks yet. Well, if you count the fact that I have two different yoga socks finished but for two different pairs, then I have completed one pair =) I think I burned myself out on them. So what's the best way to motivate myself to finish them (besides feeling boyfriend's freezing feet at night)?? To stack a new project on top of it!! Hopefully it will motivate me to finish the socks so I can start MY FIRST AFGHAN as soon as possible!!! The pattern is from a free pattern card from Michaels. It's called a Crocheted Textured Stripes Throw and it's going to be great!!! Only, the completion time on the card says 12 hours... hahahaha yeah right. But, just because I like to challenge myself, I'm going to time myself when I crochet. I can't imagine anyone would actually sit and crochet for 12 hours solid...

This will be the largest project I've started so far and I'm really excited!