Monday, December 10, 2012

FO: Holly, Ivy, and Bunneh, and Owlies

The finished trio for my mom!

grandma's old ornaments; they are glass and I have no idea how old, but I LOVE them!



Bunny nugget:

and the bunny I first knit is on the tree:

I would love to knit a ton of these bunnies for the tree! I have been knitting a lot of them, only I keep giving them away!

I also knit these Owls for Autumn! She's having a baby girl soon and she loves owls:


Pattern: Owl Puffs by Jenna Krupar
Yarn: Stash worsted weight, mostly Patons Classic Wool
Needles: US 5
Mods: none! The pattern is very quick to knit and easy to follow. Knit from bottom up, and closed with Kitchener stitch.

So this will be a super busy and fun week: there's Book Club on Wednesday, Holiday Switchy-Switch on Saturday (a full day event: our Book Club's holiday party where we will eat a lot, watch Christmas movies, craft, and give handmade gifts!), and for everyone in school, it's Finals Week!

How cute is this ornament?? I might have to make some, as well as all the others in her ornament series! Arg, I had better get moving. Why is it that when I have so much to do, I procrastinate the hardest?

Happy Monday! Stay warm.