Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Whoo Boy

I have pretty much failed at the 30 Days of List challenge, haven't I? That's ok, because I was feeling less creative. And to tell the truth, the list topics were getting less creative and less interesting too... so I very much doubt anyone would want to read it, much less me wanting to write it!

Right now I'm working on two projects, another Hippo for mom (this one will be Henrietta) and another KAL with the gals on Ravelry (it's the Twisted Toque from 60 Quick Knits). And I still have the socks and the scarf on needles; I cannot predict when they will be done. At this rate, which is a few rows every three weeks or so, probably not until next summer.

I placed a Knit Picks order, with A LOT of yarn and two books, one which I've been coveting for months now: Rebecca Danger's Big Book of Knitted Monsters! I cannot wait for it to be here!

I am working on making the work environment more structured. I chatted Scott's ear off last night in bed, trying to figure out how to make our system better functioning. It's really difficult for me to take a step back and assess a program that's already in place, and try to change it. I can definitely see the flaws though.

I have not run in many weeks. I try to motivate myself each day, but so far nothing.

And now, my dears, it's time for coffee, a bagel, and a pear. Thanks for listening <3